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We are all experienced greek birg guides, and birdwatchers. Most of us also enjoy bird photography (you name it, we are Canon guys).

Here are some short bios


Spyros Skareas Agronomist, M.Sc. Entomology - McGill University (CAN)
Monitoring birds around Athens yearlong, tracking the threats of the natural environment in small wetlands, as well as guiding birdwatching trips nationwide are some of his interests.  He has an excessive experience in tour leading eco-orientated trips, all over Greece. He is volunteer Caretaker for Artemis Lagoon and Rafina's Stream, in Eastern Attica.

A Canon fan, you may see his wildlife pics at and

He has published several articles on entomological, ornithological and environmental issues, in international and national periodicals and newspapers. He is co-author of "Birdwatching in Athens" book, to be published in 2015. 

Moments of birding glory: Recorded Little Swift (3rd record for Greece) from his home balcony at Rafina, discovered Baillon's Crake at his local patch at Rafina's Stream, photographed Bluethroat at Schinias National Park. 

 He speaks Greek (native tongue), English, French fluently and fairly well Spanish. 


Lefteris Stavrakas is a famous greek bird guide and birdwatcher. All year long, he makes extensive trips around the country, monitoring bird species of interest. His is know as "Athens' General" among his birder friends, since he is the most knowlegdable about bird sightings around Athens, both for breeding and migrating species.  
He is co-author of
Birding in Greece - Travel Guide to Birdwatching Sites in Greece

By: C.Vlachos, R. Trigou & L. Stavrakas | 240 Pages | Hellenic Ornithological Society | 2013 | Paperback

ISBN: 9789606861246 Buy this book from

 He is Caretaker of Hymettus Mt  and Vravrona Estuary on a volunteer basis. 

 He has written several articles about the birds of Athens and participated in numerous field trips for schools, volunteers, environmental education groups. His passion for nature in general made him one of the most experienced bird and nature guides around the capital of Greece. He is author of the "Birding in Athens" (IN GREEK),

Moments of birding glory: Finding vagrant Pectoral Sandpiper in Artemis Lagoon, discovering annual visitors Rufous Scrub Robins in Vravrona 

He speaks English fluently.


AkisGaitanakis an enthusiastic birdwatcher and photographer. He has travelled all around the world with his camera and binoculars, searching for birds in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe. Apart from his trips abroad, he is better known in Greece from his work at Dystos Lake (island of Evia). He provides most photographs presented in this site. All of them are taken while he is on a bird trip in Greece, mostly around the Athens region. He speaks English fluently.

N. Tsiopelas Agronomist B.Sc Food Engineering - University of Athens (GRE)
Nikos is another avid birdwatcher, expert in western Greece localities. He monitors bird activity and population dynamics in some of the Important Bird Areas of Western Peloponese. Being also an experienced climber and hiker, he has reached most summits of mountains in Greece. 

He speaks English fluently.


 G. Andreou Biologist, B.Sc. General Biology - University of Athens (GRE)

A Crete expert, George  is collaborating with the University of Crete in european Life-Nature conservation projects about vulturs, other birds of prey and the biodiversity of Crete, as a field researcher. Some of his activities are population monitoring of vultures and other birds of prey, public awareness about the importance of biodiversity in Crete, vulture restaurants operation,as well as guiding pupils, students, scientists and visitors at the "Natura 2000" wildlife refuges for birdwatching.


He speaks English fluently.

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