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Nigel Marven and his team, birding and filming in Athens with us. September 2014



William Zeller, USA

In Greece for a family vacation in early July, focused mostly on my daughter's interest in ancient sites. My teenage son, an avid birder, and I took a day solely for birding, and we couldn't be happier to have spent it with Greece Bird Tours. Our guide, Lefteris was extremely knowledgeabl…
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Brenda Lee CANADA

Because of the heat, Lefteris from Greece Bird Tours suggested we head for Mount Parnassus where it would be cooler because of the altitude. We saw a variety of different environments and both male, female and fledglings of some species because of the time of year. He has an excellent knowl…
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Chris Pedroza, UK

In Athens for a wedding had a spare half day.Contacted Greece Bird Tours who offered two possible dates. I chose Sunday 2 July 2017 and arranged to be picked up at my Hotel at 6 Am by Akis. He had warned me that birds tended to be scarce in this part of Athens, Cape Sounion Area and that it was …
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Michael Ashley USA

I had a great time with Lefteris from Greece Bird Tours. He was a great guide. As a whole the group was very accepting and flexible. I am a very tall person and the cars in Greece are very small. Arrangements were made and on the day of the tour a larger car was waiting. They had fast email respo…
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We had a spare day in Athens and wanted to go birding. We contacted Spyros of Greek Bird Tours with only 24 hours notice and he immediately put us in contact with his colleague Akis. Akis is a very knowledgeable birder who knows the areas and their birds well. He was patient when we wanted to …
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