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Birding at Schinias National Park with VENT Tours, Victor Emanuel, USA

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Trip Report Mt Parnassos Aug 26th

A.Cohen is an over-enthusiastic teen birdwatcher from Israel. He is only 16 and yet his checklist is really impresive: more than 350 species just in his home country! Being for vacation in Greece with his family, he contacted Greece Bird Tours because he wanted to add some new species like the…
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Trip Report North Attica Aug 10th

Gary and Laura are newlyweds who came to Greece for their honeymoon. Apart from the mainstream sight-seeing and beach-going, they also wanted to spend half day birding. They wanted to visit Antonis Tritsis Park in Athens, then the plains of Erythres and Kopaida because they saw our May blog post…
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Trip Report Peloponnese and Mesolongi, 5-6 Aug 2017

Alastair Dent is a British birder who first birded with us in 2013. This year, he came with his family for summer vacations in Greece and wanted a two-day "break" with Greece Bird Tours. As they were staying at Platanos village in the Peloponnese, 50 kms east of Patra, we designed a tour that inc…
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Trip Report Central Greece July3rd

Running a birding trip in Greece in July is always a challenge, let alone in the case of a strong heat wave that may rise the temperature above 43 C!Everybody knows what a Greek summer is: hot and dry, temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius, sometimes evern reaching 40 C. Weather conditions seem…
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Trip Report Athens-Kopaida May 4-5th

Khoa and Joey is a Vietnamese couple that came to Greece for a long vacation. Apart from the mainstream destinations, they also wanted to enjoy birdwatching in Greece, that's why they contacted us. We arranged a two-day birding trip around Athens, so that they could see all the Athenian '…
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