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Birding at Schinias National Park with VENT Tours, Victor Emanuel, USA

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Birding in Western Greece, August 9-10th 2019

Brett and Madeleine came all the way from Australia for a big European tour. Greece was one of their destinations and they wanted to add some more lifers to their list. Even though most of the summer visitors (e.g. Ruppell's Warbler, Black-headed Bunting) have already departed from their breedi…
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Birding in Athens, June 20th 2019

David Rupp is a fellow bird guide from Indiana, USA. He contacted us for a half-day tour around Athens and after a couple of emails everything was set for the afternoon of June 20. Leaving Athens, we made our first stop at the still flooded in June Spata fields. Water levels this year were so hi…
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Birding in Parnassos Mt, Greece, June 16th 2019

The third day started with birding on Mt Parnassos, first at the woodland tracts where we looked for the Green Woodpecker. To our surprise, none was seen or heard; we managed to see, however, lots of tits, crests, finches and thrushes. An immature Golden Eagle being 'mobbed' by a Honey B…
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Birding in Delphi, Greece, June 15th 2019

On Saturday, June 16th, we left Delphi for the hilly country surrounding Itea and Galaxeidi towns, looking for Rock Sparrows, Rock Partridges and Eastern Orphean Warblers. Despite the intense heat, we managed to find all three, along with dozens of Black-eared Wheatears, Rock Nuthatches and Blue Roc…
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Birding in Central Greece, Day 1, June 14th 2019

Luis is a Portugal birder who's been travelling the world for many years now. He managed to combine a business trip to China with a three day tour in Greece. As he wanted to see as many as local specialties as possible, we planned an itinerary that combined Messolonghi Lagoon, Mt Parnassos, Evvo…
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Birding in Parnitha Mt, Athens, June 12th 2019

June in Athens can be quite hot some times and birding get tough. Brittany Foret, from the United States of America, was on her first trip to Greece, however, and wanted to see as many species as possible in half a day. As Greece Bird Tours gives much attention to the term 'tailor-made', we …
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Birding in Athens, May 21rst 2019

On the last day of the tour, we visited several birding hot spots around Athens; the first site was Cape Sounio, where we found some Chukars, a Peregrine Falcon and a distant Bonelli's Eagle, at least 200 Yelkouan Shearwaters off the coast, Bee-eaters and Alpine Swifts, among other birds. …
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Birding in Athens, Greece June 6th 2019

Birding in Athens, Greece can be surprisingly good, even if spring migration is over. Sometimes heat is more than 35 degrees, however birds are still very active during dawn and dusk. This year, we guided Rob Van Epps in an enthusiastic nature lover who as on vacation on the island of Santorini an…
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Birding in Lake Dystos, May 20th 2019

Birding in Western and Central Greece, Day 4th. We had a very early start on the fourth day of the trip as the first target bird was the Scops Owl and we had to be at Lycabettus Hill before dawn. So, at 05.30 we reached the hill and in just a few minutes we managed to find one Scops Owl and start …
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Birding in Mt Oiti, Central Greece, May 19th 2019

Or 3rd day birding in Central Greece was also spectacular, Leaving Arachova, we drove north and passed Livadi Plateau, looking for birds in the Greek Fir forest. Lots of passerines: finches, tits, firecrests and wrens were abundant but we also saw Hoopoes and Red-backed Shrikes, as well as lots o…
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Birding in Parnassos Mt, Delphi and Galaxidi, May 18th 2019

DAY 2 Leaving Agrinio early in the morning, we stopped again for a birding stop at Kleisoura Gorge and saw the Griffons again, at the very same cliff ledge we left them yesterday as well as a couple of Blue Rock Thrushes, lots of House Martins, a pair of Ravens and dozens of Jackdaws. We drove e…
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Birding at Mesolongi and Aitoliko Lagoons, May 17th 2019

Birding in Western and Central Greece can me magical during srping. Join us in this 5 day trip along the most important bird areas of the country, during spring migration. On the first day of the tour, we left Athens and drove west for a day of birding at Messolonghi Lagoons. Before we entered t…
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Birding Athens, May 3rd 2019

A half-day birding tour, starting from the port of Piraeus has some restrictions on time, that's why the itinerary shall be carefully planned to yield as many species as possible. Debbie Einarson, along with her mother and aunt, were picked up from the port and we headed straight to the fl…
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Birding Athens, April 17th, 2019

Tom Beal, an American birder who came to Athens for vacations, wanted to have a full day of birding and make the most of the area's birdlife. Therefore, contacting Greece Bird Tours was the best way to achieve it. Pick up time from his BnB apt in downtown Athens was 5.45 so that the Scops Ow…
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Birding trip report Athens, April 5th, 2019

Spring migration is at its best and a full day around Athens is certain to yield a good number species. Chris and Pam from Washington DC had a day free while in Athens and the initial arrangement was for Saturday, April 6 but we had to change it to Friday, 5 because the weather forecast was not…
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Family birding, Dec 8th, 2018

Svante and Elisabeth are a lovely couple from Sweden. They came to Athens for a short holiday, along with their 5-year old son, Oscar. Despite his age, Oscar has joined his parents on birding trips several times and this trip was no exception. Of course, the trip was adjusted to cover a toddler&…
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Birding City break, Nov 2nd, 2018

Marie is a French journalist who came to Greece for a few days' break from her job. She is not a birdwatcher but she wanted to get to know better of the Athenian wildlife. Even though it was literally a last-minute call as she contacted us on Friday Nov, 2 morning and wanted to have a tour o…
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Birding trip report Athens half-day Oct 18, 2018

Joe Farkas came to Athens because his wife had to attend a business conference. He had some time to spend on his own so he contacted us to show him the feathered attractions of the area, running a half-day birding trip around Athens. Since this was a half-day tour, the itinerary included Oropos L…
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Trip report Athens, Mt Parnassos Oct 6-7th

On this two-day birding trip we had the honor and pleasure to guide Mrs Jeanne Dubi, Executive officer in Sarasota Audubon Society, Florida. We had a full day to explore Athens, while on the second we drove to Mt Parnassos.This time of the year most of the migrants are already gone and …
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Trip Report Athens April 29th 2018

Henry and Suzan are two very enthusiastic birds from Arizona, USA. They came to Greece for a week birding trip to Lesvos, the mecca of birdwatchers. Before they return to the States, they had roughly two more days to go birding in Athens. Finding new species for this couple was not an easy job a…
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Trip Report Athens March 16th 2018

Matthias came from Germany and wanted to spend a day birding with Greece Bird Tours around Athens. Picking him up from the airport at 10.30 was not a problem for us; our first stop was Markopoulo Fields and Vravrona Wetland, where ww found hundreds of finches (Serins, Chaffinches, Goldfinches, G…
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Trip Report Athens March 26th 2018

Indrajit and Rachel is a lovely couple from the United States. Their holidays in Greece were organized by Triton Holidays company that contacted us because they wanted to include one day of birdwatching. The couple did not have any particular 'wish list; they were happy enough to see as many…
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Trip Report Athens March 17th 2018

Margaret Vernon is a teacher from the United States, a happy birdwatcher but, most of all, an adorable person. She came to Greece for a few days break and wanted to include some birding to her Greek experience. She wanted a full day trip with GREECE BIRD TOURS, to see as many birds and habitats a…
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Trip Report Athens March 11th 2018

Karel and Joost came from Holland and had a full day to spend birding with Greece Bird Tours. Especially for that day, a friend of mine and a very experienced birder joined us. Early morning found us venturing in the Aesthetic forest of Kaisariani where apart from the interesting birdlife lies a…
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Trip Report Athens Feb 16th 2018

Tokihiko 'Toko' Nagano is a veteran birdwatcher and tour guide from Japan. He's been birding for more than 50 years and his list is very impressive. As a guide, he has visited Europe many times but Greece was not on his visited countries' list. Not till this year, that is, as he …
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Trip Report Athens Feb 8th 2018

Philip is an English birdwatcher who came to Athens in February and wanted to go birding along with his wife. They did not want to start very early so the pick up time was set at 08.30. The first destination of the trip was Schinias National Park and we first visited the Olympic Rowing Center wh…
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Trip Report Athens Feb 4th 2018

Jodelle and Dick came from Seattle, USA and had a half day to spend birding with Greece Bird Tours. Schinias National Park was the place we decided to visit as it always “offers” many different species. On the way to Schinias NP, we had a brief stop close to Rafina Port where a sma…
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Trip report Athens Nov 9th 2017

Bill Tweit is a veteran birder and eBird reviewer for the state of Washington in the United States. He came to Greece with his wife Lucy and had a full day to spend birding with Greece Bird Tours. So here is the bird trip report for birding with them on November 9th, 2017 We started just before d…
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Pectoral Sandpiper at Vourkari Bay, Athens

The Pectoral Sandpiper is a rare vagrant to Greece. So far, there have been fewer than 20 confirmed records of the species. This year, an individual was sighted at Vourkari Bay, a very important wetland, 40 km west of Athens. The bird was very tame and did not seem to bother at the groups…
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Trip Report Athens Oct 10th 2017

Alexander Yates is an American writer and nature lover who has travelled around the world since his early childhood. He and his wife Terhi decided to spend a few days in Greece and see as many birds as possible around Athens. As his experience on Balkan birds was rather limited, he had a long …
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Trip Report Athens Oct 4th 2017

Todd Katz is an American biologist who came to Greece for the first time and wanted to take the most of the Athenian birdlife. That's why he contacted us and asked for a two-day birdwatching trip in Athens, that would include most of the birding hot spots. We picked him up from the airpo…
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Trip Report Athens and Central Greece Sept 22nd 2017

A Weekend Birding in Greece So what to do when you find yourself with a free weekend on a business trip to Europe? Not the most productive continent for potential life birds for me but it gave me a chance to go somewhere interesting, and if I could add a few life birds while I was there, so m…
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Trip report Central Greece Sept 22-23rd 2017

Anthony Collerton is a world-class birdwatcher, with a life list of more than 4,000 species. He chose Greece Bird Tours for a two-day birding trip in Athens and Mesolongi Lagoon; we saw 112 species, 5 of which were lifers for Anthony. Here's is the trip report, as posted in his blog http:/…
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Trip Report Athens Sept 19th 2017

Paul Koker is an American birdwatcher who came to Athens and wanted a full day of birding around the big city. He really wanted to see owls, so we started very early, before dawn, in order to find the Scops Owl, a very common but hard to see nocturnal raptor. The hill of Lycabettus at the city …
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Trip Report Athens Sept 6th 2017

Jose and Maria is a married couple from Puerto Rico. They came to Greece with a friendly couple and wanted to include some birdwatching to their experience pack from our country. Even though it was an almost last-minute notice, we managed to satsify their demand and run a birding trip around Athe…
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Trip Report Mt Parnassos Aug 26th

A.Cohen is an over-enthusiastic teen birdwatcher from Israel. He is only 16 and yet his checklist is really impresive: more than 350 species just in his home country! Being for vacation in Greece with his family, he contacted Greece Bird Tours because he wanted to add some new species like the…
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Trip Report North Attica Aug 10th

Gary and Laura are newlyweds who came to Greece for their honeymoon. Apart from the mainstream sight-seeing and beach-going, they also wanted to spend half day birding. They wanted to visit Antonis Tritsis Park in Athens, then the plains of Erythres and Kopaida because they saw our May blog post…
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Trip Report Peloponnese and Mesolongi, 5-6 Aug 2017

Alastair Dent is a British birder who first birded with us in 2013. This year, he came with his family for summer vacations in Greece and wanted a two-day "break" with Greece Bird Tours. As they were staying at Platanos village in the Peloponnese, 50 kms east of Patra, we designed a tour that inc…
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Trip Report Central Greece July3rd

Running a birding trip in Greece in July is always a challenge, let alone in the case of a strong heat wave that may rise the temperature above 43 C!Everybody knows what a Greek summer is: hot and dry, temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius, sometimes evern reaching 40 C. Weather conditions seem…
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Trip Report Athens-Kopaida May 4-5th

Khoa and Joey is a Vietnamese couple that came to Greece for a long vacation. Apart from the mainstream destinations, they also wanted to enjoy birdwatching in Greece, that's why they contacted us. We arranged a two-day birding trip around Athens, so that they could see all the Athenian '…
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Trip Report Athens March 25-26th

Greece Bird Tours organized a tailor made birding trip around various locations in Athens, for canadian birder Burke Korol, from Toronto. Burke had an extensive life list of 2900 species and was seeking some of the countries specialties. We managed to find about 60-65% of the desired species, o…
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Trip Report Athens March 16th

Michael Ashley is a teenager with a real passion for birds. He came to Greece with his family for Spring Break vacations. The Ashleys Being a bird maniac, Michael contacted Greece Bird Tours to arrange a half-day …
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Trip report, Athens March 2nd

Carol and Peter Abbot from Australia made a literally last-minute call to Greece Bird tours for a birding tour in Athens. This time of the year is, one can say, a transitional period as the wintering birds have already started moving north and the migrants are still a few days …
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Trip Report Athens Feb 25th

Elayna is an artistic spirit and a citizen of the world. After her first trip to Greece, where she tracked her Greek roots, she decided to spend a few days in Athens and visit the temple of Artemis in Vravrona. She had already read about the rich birdlife of the area, so doing a birding trip wit…
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Trip Report Athens Jan 25th

D. Bangasser is a photographer/birder from USA. She wanted to do a half-day birding trip in Athens in order to see and take photographs of European birds. The weather forecast was not good for that day and, indeed, with the exception of the early morning hours, it rained all day. Our first stop …
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Trip Report Athens Jan 21rst

Bauke is a Dutch guy who loves birds and Greece. Two years ago he birded with us on a two day trip to Messolonghi Lagoon and Mt Parnassos and now he came back to Greece for more! His wish list included the Great Spotted Eagle and the Moustached Warbler, both winter visitos to Schinias National P…
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Trip Report Athens Jan 3rd

Winter birding in Athens: Jan 3rd trip report Our first trip of the year was at Jan 3rd with Sarah Barsness, an avid birder and photographer from San Fransisco, USA. We started from Vouliagmeni area and drove through the east Attica coast all the way to Schinias National Park. Our first birds…
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Trip Report Central Greece Dec 7th

Claudio is a very young and enthusiastic bird watcher. Being from Spain, he misses all the Balkan specialties. As he had a chance to come to Greece in winter, he wanted to see species like the Rock Nuthatch, the Sombre Tit and the Syrian Woodpecker. The latter is found some 200 kms north of Athe…
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Trip Report Athens Nov 9th 2016

Joe C. from the United States came to Greece to run for the Marathon. Being a keen birder, he arrived to Athens a few days earlier so that he could enjoy birdwatching with us. Starting the trip at 06.15, our first stop was the hill of Lycabettus, downtown Athens. Just before dawn, we put the f…
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Trip Report Athens Oct 15th

Today's birding trip around Athens was fascinating, combining late migrants, awesome resident species as well as mega rarities. Let's start from the morning pick up: Patty Meehan from Oregon and Ann Howe from Boston asked us to run a birding trip around the city for October 15th. We pick…
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Trip Report Athens Sept 13th 2016

September is a busy month, in terms of both migration and bird tours. On September 13, we ran another half day trip, this time with Steve, an enthusiastic American birder who wanted to see birds before the start of his cruise with his family. The first stop of the day was the small but very im…
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Trip Report Athens Sept 8th 2016

Athens layovers are a great way to enjoy birds around the city, not only if you have a flight connection, but also if you are just about to board on a cruise ship! V.Knight from Bancouver, Canada came to Athens for a couple of hours departing on a cruise ship. He desperately wanted to bird the ar…
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Trip Report Athens 28.8.2016

Birdwatching in Athens can be rather challenging in August. Autumn migration has already started, with shrikes and small waders reaching peak numbers. We run a birding tour for S.Burton, a birder from England, on Sunday 28th, basically around Easten Attica. …
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Trip Report Messolonghi Aug 14th

Birding in Greece this year is definitely "dedicated" to this great wetland of Western Greece. We have already run quite a few birding trips and more will follow. This time, Lori Pivonka, an american birder, wanted to explore the birdlife of the area. The weather was great, not too hot and not…
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Trip Report Athens Aug 6-12th

Birding tours around Athens in August can be frustrating, since the heat is usually keeping birds very silent and rather lazy to move. However, autumn migration has started, so one might have the chance to see great species, usually in the morning. We organized 3 different birding trips during …
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Trip Report Messolonghi June 26th

Messolonghi Lagoon is a favourite birding destination all year round. Even in summer, it offers a great many interesting species that breed in the wetland or the surrounding areas. That's why when James C Greenwood, member of the board of the National Audubon Society contacted us for a ful…
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Trip Report Athens May 27th 2016

Mike from Scotland and Linda wanted to have a leisurely half day trip to see not only birds but also some different habitats around Athens. So we started from Hymettus Mt in the Aesthetic Forest of Kaisariani. And the first surprise came fast. Suddenly we heard Jays and other birds like Great Ti…
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Trip Report Athens May 12th

A half-day trip around Athens, to look for all the local specialites was the choice of Mike and Max, two experienced British birders. They wanted to see the Ruppell's Warbler, the Cretzschmar's Bunting, the Sombre Tit, the Rock Nuthatch, the Chukar and the Eastern Orphean Warbler. A lot …
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Trip Report Meteora May 12th

The area of Meteora and Mt Antichasia is and ideal birding destination in spring, especially from mid April to late May, when all the summer visitors have arrived and migration is still running. Mt Antichasia lies at Central Greece, close to the city of Trikala. It is mainly covered with decid…
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Trip Report Athens May 8th 2016

Nick Moore’s a very keen birder from US seeking to see specialties in Greece. A very early start found us searching for the Tawny Owl in the Aesthetic Forest of Kaisariani. This place and Mt Imittos in general is very productive especially during migration and didn’t let us disappoin…
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Lesvos Bird Trip Report, March 2016

Lesvos bird trip report, from March 2016 is now available to download. With lots of information about birdwaching locations, species, amenities, costs and many pics of interesting species, as well as a full species bird list. You can dowload it Lesvos Bird Trip reportor you may read it here …
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Trip Report Messolongi March 25th

May is a great month for birding in the area of Messolonghi: lots of summer visitors along with very interesting resident birds can be easily seen in the lagoons but also in the surrounding area. The lagoons are home to, among others, the endangered Dalmatian Pelican, the elegant Avocet, the e…
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Athens Complete Bird List 270 species

We recently compiled the Athens' Bird list, which you can download here It contains 270 species of birds, seen the last 30 years around Athens (Prefecture of Attica), including location and status of the bird (breading, migrant, wintering, etc) So, depending on the time you are visiting Athens…
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Black Storks over Schinias, Athens

3 impressive Black Storks were seen soaring today over Schinias National Park, a trully spectacular sighting. The species rarely seen in Athens, a few sightings at Erythres planes in western Attica.…
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Athens Bird Trip Report: 5 Sept. 2015

A great day of autumn birding on Saturday 5th 2015. An overall of 65 species of birds were recorded, the highlights being Rufous Bush Chat (first time recorded at Spata fields) as well as Broad-billed Sandpiper at Schinias National Park. What took me so long to get to Greece? Wow. My non-birdin…
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Demoiselle Crane & Terek Sandpiper at Porto Lagos Lagoons

Autumn migration is in it's peak, it terms of waders activity. This year, Porto Lagos area is rich is rare birds, such as this beautiful Demoiselle Crane, as well as Terek Sandpipers, not to mention plenty of Broad-billed Sandpipers. Birdwatching in the big wetlands of Northern Greece, during A…
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Olive-tree Warbler at Vravrona, Athens

While searching for Rufous Bush Chat at Vravrona Estuary, birders found an Olive-tree Warbler singing in a nearby olive orchard. The date (mid July) may suggest possible breeding of this species in the surrounding area. Olive-tree Warbler (Hippolais olivetorum), photo by A.Tsaknakis…
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Athens Bird Trip Report: 7 June 2015

On June 7th 2015 we had a splendid day birding around Athens with Susie Russenberge (Nashville, USA), mainly small wetlands together with Hymettus Mt. Lots of interesting species, together with eating traditional gyros at lunch time. We started from Hymettus Mt, were we encountered Rueppell's…
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Spring 2015 migration update II

April is almost done and bird migration is at its peak. This is the time for many interesting species; some are very colourful while others are rather dull. Barn Swallows are very common in agricultural land …
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Jonathan Franzen is birdwatching in Greece!

Jonathan Franzen is not just a famous author but also a very keen birdwatcher. His desire was to see a Syrian Woodpecker, the only European woodpecker he hadn't seen so far. So, who is the best to help him find his lifer? Greece Bird Tours of course! We arranged a special tour in Central…
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Red-footed Falcons arrived in Athens

Once again, late April is the best month for birdwatching in Athens. Today, we looked for the Red-footed Falcons in Athens. The first group of 10+ birds was seen at Spata Fields (the best site to look for them in spring). The birds were perching in a vineyard, grounded by strong northern winds. …
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Spring 2015 migration update

The first Sedge Warblers were heard on the 6th of March, while Great Reed Warblers arrived om the last days of the month. Sedge Warbler (Schinias National Park) Ruppel's and Subalpine Warblers were already on th…
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Isabelline Shrike@Nafplio Golf

Another vagrant appeared at the very important wetland of Nea Kios, Nafplio Golf, close to the picturesque city of Nafplio in the eastern Peloponnese: An adult Isabelline Shrike! The bird was very tame and it gave us, apart from greath photos, many moments of pleasure. It was very hungry and wou…
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Athens, 13.3.2015

Even a half day trip in March can be very productive! This trip was species-orientated; Ruppell's Warbler, Scops Owl and Sombre Tit being some of our targets. We started just before dawn to look for the smallest owl of the area - the Scops Owl. Mt Hymettus holds a very large population of …
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Athens, 12.3.2015

It's spring time and even a short trip around Athens can yield a good number of species. On March, 12 we visited the famous Schinias National Park for a few hours and the results were more than satisfactory; we saw and heard 54 species! The day began with a thorough scan of the marshes. W…
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Evros Delta, 14.1.2015

Evros Delta is one of the top Greek birding destinations in winter. Thousands of waterfowl, lots of raptors and several rarities render this site the place to be in January and February. Even a single day is enough to get most of its specialties (Lesser White-fronted and Red-breasted Goose, Le…
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Wallcreeper in Mt Hymettus!

One of birder's favorite species, a Wallcreeper, was seen today by a group of local birders, at Hymmetus Mt, at the trail leading to the Rueppell's Warbler & Cretzschmar's Bunting point. Wallcreepers have been reported again, many years ago, at the same spot, in winter. Hopefully, …
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Athens, 6.12.2014

Winter is not a quite period for birdwatchers of Athens, as many different species overwinter and a bird trip is always full of beautiful encounters. Such was the December 6th full day trip around Athens; we visited Mt Hymettus, the tiny wetland of Rafina and the marshes of Schinias National Par…
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Baillon's Crake at Rafina's Stream

The rarest of the "real" crakes (the Corncrake actually belongs to another group), the Baillon's Crake Porzana pusilla, spends its third day on the tiny estuary of Megalo Rema stream in Rafina, east of Athens. Fortunately, it behaves as any other crake; once it gets used to your presence, as …
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Mesolongi Lagoons & Parnassos Mt, 17.9.2014

September is the best month of autumn migration. A three-day bird trip can be really productive at this time of year, and this one was no exception. The trip included visits to Mesolongi lagoon, Mt Parnassos and many sites around Athens. The total count of bird species for the three days was 125…
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Broad-billed Sandpiper at Artemis Lagoon

The small brackish wetland of Artemis (aka Loutsa) is a hot spot in autumn for waders as its shallow water attract every migrant that comes by. The Broad-billed Sandpiper is one of the most interesting species to see at that period, as it is a very regular visitor, always seen in late August.…
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Mt Parnassos 24.08.2014

It was a very hot day, Sunday 24th of August, but this didn't kept up from going birding to Mt Parnassos, the famous mountain of Apollo, with the renowned Oracle of Delphi. This is the closest to Athens mountain that holds population of very interesting woodland birds, like the White-backed a…
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Athens 21.6.2014

June is still a good month for birding, even though the temperature can rise up to 30 C. A half day trip around Athens can yield a good number of species, including most of the area's specialties. For example, the Rock Sparrows are still breeding and can be seen in suitable nest habitat. Rufou…
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Lake Karla & Mt Parnitha 3.6.2014

The last day of the trip started with a very early wake-up because we wanted to catch up with the forecasted rain; The owners of Epavlis Suites Hotel were very kind to prepare us a breakfast-basket so that we could leave the hotel at 6.30. Before saying goodbye to the area of Trikala we paid a s…
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Meteora 2.6.2014

After a great day birding in Athens, we reached Kalampaka town, in the heart of mainland Greece and beneath the impressive rock formations of Meteora, in the evening of June 1st. The next day, we started birdwatching from the breakfast hall of Epavlis Suites Hotel ( We coul…
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Athens 1.6.2014

Day 1, June 1st - Athens Panorama The day started with a visit to Mt Hymettus (or Ymittos) for several woodland and maquis scrub species. Our first target, the Tawny Owl, was found perching in a dense pine tree, while Jays, Robins, Cirl Buntings, Coal and Great Tits and other woodland dwellers…
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Meteora 9.5.2014

The mountain range of Antichasia in Central Greece is one of the premium birdwatching sites of the region. The impressive rocks of Meteora host, among others, one of the few (less than 15) remaining pairs of the Egyptian Vulture in Greece...The riparian woodland host good numbers of the Semi-col…
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Athens 16.3.2014

Spring is all around and Southern Greece welcomes the first migrants from early March already. That's why a day trip east of Athens can yield many interesting species. Our first stop was at Mt Hymettus (or Ymittos), close to the Monastery of St John Kareas. We went there before dawn to hav…
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