Birding in Crete: Griffon Vulture photos

Birding in Crete means big raptors. Or, to be more correct, huge raptors. Like the Griffon Vultures (Gyps fulvus) that are thriving in the mountains of this unique unspoiled island of the Mediterannean sea 

Griffon Vulture in Crete
Griffon Vulture, a close up pic

It is always a challenge for a wildlife photographer to get close up images of this species. On the other hand, one should also try birdscape pics, since there is usually nice surrounding habitat. During a recent birding trip in the island, we managed to take hundreds of pics of this scavenger, so this is a selection of them.

Griffon Vulture Crete Birding
Wings wide open and fearless eyesight

Griffon Vulture Crete Birding
Mixed habitat: rocky mountains and wineyards of Crete

I often like to experiment with black & white photos of Griffon Vultures, the shape of these birds and the calmness of their flight are just so well blended

Griffon Vulture Crete Birding
King of the sky

Griffon Vulture Crete Birdwatching
Scavenger of snow capped Mt Psiloritis, Heraklion Crete