Birding, History & Culture

Birding, History & Culture Tours

Being in Athens, the most iconic city of Europe, any birder has the chance to explore the history of ancient Greece. We can easily combine birdwatching with sightseeing, since a lot of our birding locations are very close to important archeological sites. 

Birdwatching Cape Sounio
Enjoying close views of Chukars
 at Cape Sounio

During our full day trips we can visit the following landmarks:

Temple of Artemis at Vravrona
Temple of Poseidon, at Cape Sounio
Kesariani Byzantine Monastery, at Hymettus Mt
Marathon Battlefield and Tumulus of Athenians, at Schinias National Park
Amphiareion Sanctuary, at Oropos Lagoon

and many other minor sites along our way

Temple of Artemis at Vravrona Wetland 
A pair of Little Owl is often seen perching on the marbles

A pair of White Storks is nesting every year at the 
Holy Temple of Annunciation, at Erythres town

Temple of Zeus at Nemea Peloponnese
Temple of Zeus at Nemea Peloponnese