Private Birding tours


Airport or Cruise layover

Why waste time at Athens Airport or Port of Pireaus waiting for your connection flight or your cruise ship to leave?
Get out and enjoy birding in the surrounding areas. If you are here in the right season, species like Great-Spotted Cuckoo, Rueppell's Warbler, Cretzschmar's Bunting, Black-headed Bunting, Ferruginous Duck, Little Owl, will be out there for you to enjoy. You will be surprised how many lifers you will get!

Suggested destinations: Spata fieldsVravrona wetland, Artemis LagoonSchinias National ParkMt Hymettus

Glossy Ibises taking off from Athens International Airport
Glossy Ibises taking off from Athens International Airport

Half day tours

This type of birding tours in ideal for those of you that only want to spend a few hours birdwatching around the city. Most birding destinations are only several minutes away from the center. Most places have easy access and require light walking. You will only need your pair of binoculars and get ready for the best birding experience around the city. 

Suggested destinationsSpata fieldsVravrona wetlandArtemis LagoonSchinias National ParkMt HymettusErythres Plains

Full days tours

An excellent oportunity to escape from the busy city center and enjoy birdwatching with us. We combine different habitats, from rocky hills to muddy wetlands, as well as makia shrub forest and agricultural areas. 

Suggested destinationsOropos LagoonSpata fieldsVravrona wetlandArtemis LagoonSchinias National ParkMt Hymettus, Erythres Plains

Erythres Plains, Athens GREECE
Colorful summer scenery at Erythres Plains

2-4 days tours

Getting out of Attica will give us the chance to explore Greece's nature at it's best. Species like Dalmatian Pelicans, Black Woodpeckers, Syrian Woodpeckers, Olive-tree Warblers, Rock Partridges, Levant Sparrowhawks, Egyptian Vultures, Short-toed Eagles,  all breed in only a few kilometers out of the capital. Get ready to live the wilderness of the most undescovered birding areas of Eastern Europe.

Suggested destinationsDystos Lake (Evia Island)Mesolongi LagoonsMt Parnassos, Nafplio Golf

A group of happy US birders, after a long birding day with GREECE BIRD TOURS
A group of happy US birders, after a long birding day

Best birdwatching destinations around Greece 

We basically run birding tours around Athens and Central Greece.
These are the major sites we often visit during our trips.

Around Athens


Central Greece


Northern Greece

Lake Kerkini
Axios Delta
Nestos River
Porto Lagos
Lake Ismarida
Evros Delta
Dadia forest

Aegean Islands

Lesvos Island
Lemnos Island