Five special birds to look for in June, around Athens

June is the first from the summer months. Temperature might rise up to 40 degrees Celcius after the second week. Most birds have ended their breeding process, and spring migration is over. However, this a great period to look for a birdwatcher some special birds around Athens area. A lot of the guided bird tours we offer this time of the year focus in the following species:

Eleonorae's Falcon (Falco eleonorae)
Eleonorae's Falcon (Falco eleonorae)

1. Black-headed Bunting: Birds are very active, singing constantly from exposed spots. ErythresPlains

2. Eleonorae’s Falcon: Wandering birds can be seen flying around mountains, such as Mt Parnitha, before settling down to their breeding territories in the greek islands

3. Short-toed Snake Eagle: the only “summer” eagle species in the area. Spatafields is a good location to find them

4. Scops Owl: Birds are singing all night long. Try Mt Hymettus way before sunrise

5. Little Tern: A few pairs are nesting every year in Oropos Lagoon

Bonus species: The White Stork. Erythres Plains
Only a handful of nests in Attica region are active every year. June is the best month to enjoy views of the newly born chicks, as they are raised by their parents. Erythres Planes and Thoebes (Voetia region) as hosting nests of this widely recognizable bird.

White Stork's nest, digiscopes in Erythres
A White Stork's nest, digiscopes in Erythres