Birding in Athens: Top 10 targets species and where to find them

Birding in Athens: Top 10 most wanted species and where to find them

Having guided a great number of birders from all over the world around Athens, we summed up their most wanted target species, followed by the most possible location and season to find each of them.

Scops Owl, one of the target species of Athens
Scops Owl, one of the target species of Athens

Ferruginous Duck: Breeding all year long at Schinias National Park

Birding Athens: Ferruginous Duck
Ferruginous Duck, a world threatened species

Eleonorae’s Falcon: June at Mt Parnitha, Schinias National Park

Hoopoe: from March to September, anywhere in Athens, even in urban parks

Hoopoe in Athens, Greece
Hoopoes breed around the city of Athens

Great Spotted Cuckoo: Breeds from late February to April in Spata fields and Schinias National Park
Little Owl: All year long at Schinias National Park, Spata fields, Vravrona Estuary
Little Owl in Athens
A pair of Little Owls is breeding
at Artemis Temple in Vravrona

Scops Owl: best chances during summer months at Mt Hymettus. Can be heard calling at night even in Athens center.

Red breasted Flycatcher: mid to late September at Mt Hymettus

Sombre Tit: All year long at Mt.Parnitha, Ramnous fields, Erythres Plains

Birding in Athens: Sombre Tit
Sombre Tit, one of Athens target species
for most birders 

Penduline Tit: All year long in most wetlands around Athens

Rock Nuthatch: All year long at Mt.Parnitha, Mt Pendeli, Mt Hymettus, Erythres Plains

Blue Rock Thrush: all year long at Mt Hymettus, Erythres plains

Ruppell's Warbler: Breeding from March to June, at Mt Hymettus

Birdwatching Athens: Ruppell's Warbler
Ruppell's Warbler, an early migrant and breeder 

Cretzschmar’s Bunting: Breeding from April to August at Mt Pendeli, Mt Parnitha

Birdwatching in Athens: Cretzschmar's Bunting
Cretzschmar's Bunting, a striking target species

Black-headed Bunting: Breeding from late April to August, at Spata fields, Erythres plains

Birding in Athens: Black-headed Bunting
Black-headed Bunting a migrant from India,
breeding in various sites around Athens

Bonus species: Chukar, mascot bird of Cape Sounio, breeds in most rocky mountainous areas