Athens Birding Tours: Aug 6th 2022

Trip report from an early August guided trip around Athens for a solo female traveller from Tacoma WA. 

Marissa is studying archeology in Athens and loves birdwatching at her local patch, Tacoma Washington. We recently organized a summer half day trip aroung Athens, in order for her to become more familiar with european bird species. We decided to visit areas that still hold enough water for passing waders, as well as some rocky parts in order to get some breeding residents.

Our fist location we visited was Oropos Lagoon, at the northen part of Attica. Just before arriving at the lagoon, I spotted a big falcon, seeming too dark to be a Kestrel. Indeed, after coming out of the car, we had the luck to see a beautiful Eleonorae's Falcon...what a bird to start the day! Lots of hirundines were also flying around, including House Martins and Barn Swallows, Common and Pallid Swifts.

Reaching the wetland, Black-winged Stilts were there breeding all summer, so he enjoyed very close views of this delicate wader. We could easily see the young and adult birds, looking for food in the shallow waters

Black-winged Stilt at Oropos Lagoon, Athens
Black-winged Stilt at Oropos Lagoon

Several Kentish Plovers were running around the coast, some of them with recenlty flegded young. Two Greater Flamingos and several Little Ringed Plovers were at the east part of the lagoon, together with Grey Herons, Little Egrets and Redshanks.

Oropos Lagoon, an important wetland of Athens
Oropos Lagoon, an important wetland of Athens

Nearby, a flock of gulls, most of them Mediterranean Gulls, mixed with Black-headed and Yellow-legged. On a tiny islet, Little Terns and a Common Tern were ready to take off. Zitting Cisticolas here heard from all over the place.

Red-rumped Swallow at Oropos Lagoon, Athens
Red-rumped Swallow at Oropos Lagoon

After a couple of hours birdwatching around Oropos Lagoon, we headed to the north side of Mt Parnitha, around the small town of Avlona. The area is excellent for Blue Rock Thrush and Rock Nuthatch, as well as Raven and Common Kestrel. Indeed, two pairs of Common Kestrels were feeding their young, at the rocky area close to the town. 

Rocky slopes of Avlona hills
Rocky slopes of Avlona hills

Cirl Bunting were seen too, together with Great Tits, Red-rumped Swallows and Crested Larks. 

Birding around Athens, Greece
Happy to be in shade for a while,
during a hot summer birding day around Athens

The full bird list for the morning of August 6th, 2022

Greater Flamingo
Little Egret
Grey Heron
Eleonorae's Falcon
Common Kestrel 
Kentish plover
Little Ringed Plover
Green Sandpiper
Little Stint
Common Tern
Mediterranean gull
Yellow legged Gull
Black headed gull
Common Swift
Pallid Swift
House Martins
Barn Swallow
Red-rumped Swallow 
Collared Dove
Feral Pigeon 
Hooded Crow
Black headed Wagtail
Crested Lark
Blue Rock Thrush 
Great Tit
Zitting Cisticola
Sardinian Warbler 
House Sparrow 
Cirl Bunting