Wine Tasting and Birding Tour

Wine Tasting and Birdwatching

Combine a birdwatching tour with a visit at one of the oldest wineries of Athens. Take the chance to taste rare local varieties of wine, Athens' most important agricultural product since classical times.

Wine tasting, Attica's traditional varieties
Wine tasting, Athens' traditional varieties

Wine tour Athens

Wine tour Athens: Savatiano variety
Savatiano traditional grape variety

The 2 hour tour in the winery includes:

- Visit on the grounds of a plot of Savatiano vineyards, the indigenous variety of the Attican wine country. We learn about the origins of viticulture and vine, bask in the sun and observe the non-irrigated, goblet formations of Savatiano growing amidst rosemary and thyme on the Attican argillaceous terroir.

- We then head towards the exhibit hall, where the tour continuous, of the collection of agricultural and viticultural tools, early 19th century industrialization of winemaking machinery and oenologicalequipment of the era.

 - We conclude at the outdoor patio of the Museum Garden, where seated on heavy wooden monastery tables we commence our wine tasting accompanied by cheese and baked goods assortments, we take in the aromas and the flavors as we discover the unexplored varieties of Greece.