Mindful Birding | Ornitherapy

Ornitherapy Tours | Birding for the soul: We offer Slow Pace Birdwatching tours that are focused on mindful birdings, that is bird behavior, listening to the bird’s calls and songs, rather than aiming for a long bird list. 

Ornitherapy Athens
Enjoying gulls during sunset in Athens Riviera
Ornitherapy at its best

Mindful birding is an exceptional way to connect with nature. No matter if we observe a Robin in our garden or a rare Ruppell’s Warbler, our body and soul are benefitting every time we enjoy these amazing animals. Ornitherapy derives from greek words “ornitha” (bird) and “therapy” (therapy) and implies mindful birding that enriches our health and wellness.

Sunrise at the weltand. Mindful birding heals the soul

We are proud to propose an Athens Birding Retreat for those of you who would like to experience a better connection with nature and their own spirituality. Spending more time with each species in its natural habitat, help us towards a deeper understanding of nature and ourselves

Slow pace birding Athens
Slow pace birding: A family retreat for the soul

During our Ornitherapy trips around Athens our target will be our wellness, creativity, reduce of stress and anxiety, while being in an unspoiled natural habitat, just a few minutes of Athens city center.

Join us in this journey for our mind, body and soul.

Resting Flamingos Ornitherapy
Resting Flamingos in Oropos Lagoon, Athens

Mindful birding, Athens
Mindful birding with all our senses
at the agricultural fieldsaround Athens 

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